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Beginner Piano Course- On Demand


In this course, you will be learning the most basic and important fundamentals of playing the piano. The curriculum in these videos was created with the total beginner in mind. Each video is short in length to provide easily digestible concepts without getting drawn out and boring. The beauty of this type of learning is that you can easily go back and watch again, practice along and perfect each song and concept at your own pace.


Here are just some of the concepts you will learn during this course:
• Understanding the Keyboard (note names)
• The black keys
• Correct posture while playing
• Introduction to basic rhythms
• Finger numbers
• Proper hand placement and technique
• Reading notation in Treble and Bass Clefs
• Dynamics
• Basic chords and progressions
• Playing songs with both hands
• Basic articulations (slurs, ties)
• Musical terms and basic theory
• Playing in C position
• Playing in Middle C Position
• Playing in G position


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